Drastik Mezures is a monthly music compilation hosted by music producer D-Mezures. The tracklist features new and trending music from up and coming talent. Consumers receive this monthly music compilation through digital download distribution and online streaming. The compilation is promoted to our expansive e-list & social network reaching over 10,000 consumer's per month. 

At, weekly contests are hosted by our in-house talent personalities to foster frequent interaction with our base. Monthly and yearly prize giveaways also assist in keeping our base thoroughly engaged with the Drastik Mezures brand. As a low cost alternative to radio and conventional print ads, we offer advertising space at the beginning and end of each track on our compilation.  For more information review our media kit below.


Greater Mind Share 
Your ad will garner greater mind share for your brand with our audience. (ONLY fifty 30 sec ad slots per monthly release)

We Stay Engaged
We create & distribute compelling content  that is relevant to the personal interests of our audience.

Other Media Outlets
You'll benefit from peripheral marketing and promotions we do to grow our audience.

The New Frontier
This is a revolutionary way to advertise. Since your ad will be apart of the content, the listener will always be exposed to your message each time they listen.


. 10,000 email subscribers
. 5000  unique vistors per month
. 7500 page views per month
. 25,000 Facebook likes
. 30,000 Twitter Followers

These stats are growth projections based on data gathered from market research and the success of past relleases.


African American = 25%          
HIspanic or Latino = 37%
Caucasion = 12%
Asian = 6%            
Other = 20%

No College = 48%
College = 42%
Grad School = 10% 

Age Range
<18 = 27%
18-24 = 19% 
25-44 = 33%
45-64 = 19%

Male = 60%
Female = 40%

Median Income


Economy Ads Package:    $99/month
. Free audio production of a fifteen second advertisement.
. One ad placement after a track on the physical CD release

Value Ads Package: $399/month (3 month campaign)
. Free audio production of a thirty second advertisement
. One ad placement after a track on the physical CD release
. Three month ad placement on the digital release
. Three month inclusion on our rotating city deals banner
. 30,000 impressions with guaranteed ROI 

Saturation Ads Package: $299/month (1 year campaign) 
. Free audio production of a thirty second advertisement
. One ad placement after a track on the physical CD release
. Twelve month ad placement after a track on the digital release.
. Twelve month inclusion on our rotating city deals banner
. 120,000 impressions with guaranteed.ROI
. One sponsorship audio overlay
All of our marketing packages include:
. Call Tracking
. Expert advice from our team of marketing pros.
. Monthly Analytic Reports (3 month commitment required)
. Guaranteed ROI (3 month commitment required)

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