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DMEZURES Productions is a goto source of high quality music production for  advertising agencies, record labels, music supervisors, and local small businesses nationwide. We offer value added services that are proven to enhance marketing and production projects. 


Founded in 2004 and established on the teachings of Jesus Christ., our primary mission is to offer a quality alternative to the socially destructive themes promoted in the music of pop culture!


When a strict, Pentecostal upbringing and a love for urban beats collide in a conscious music space—you get artists like Drastik Mezures. More than just a soulful vehicle for the “good news,” Drastik Mezures (or D. Mezures) provides an urban revival for the soul. For many artists, music is a vehicle for delivering effective messages—but it’s apparent in his name. “Mezures is both a segment of time defined by a given number or beats [. . .] and a plan or course of action to achieve a particular purpose.” It’s music with a purpose.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri as Ryan McCormick Harris—D. Mezures was primarily influenced by the sounds of the church in high praise. It was his enterprising mother who’d expand his musical influence beyond the restrictive musical gaze of his religious world by introducing him to the sounds of Jon BonJovi, The Beatles and Michael Jackson. It’s this unconventional fusion of musical worlds that brings us D. Mezures. “I'm purpose-driven, God–fearing [. . .] radical and extreme.” 

Like most young men, D. Mezure’s teen years were a time of sweeping change and self-exploration. His love for writing music and playing instruments compelled him to eventually seek a place for himself in the music industry. With an unquenchable desire to succeed, D. Mezures worked tirelessly to save money for precious recording time. Although his musical inspirations during this time included artists like Notorious BIG, Tupac Shakur and WuTang Clan—he still held on to the knowledge of Christ instilled in his youth. 

D. Mezures enjoyed early success behind the scenes in the music industry. A coveted position at Sony Music Distribution allowed him to gain experience working promotional tours for international stars such as Lauryn Hill, Jermaine Dupri, and Jagged Edge. An opportune work experience with Dallas Austin gave Mezures the courage to leave his studies at Georgia State University and try a fulltime career in music production and songwriting. During his time behind the scenes, D. Mezures had the opportunity to work in recording sessions alongside artists like Cee-Lo Green, Mariah Carey, and Common— and pen songs for artists like Brandy, Monica, Tamia, Sammie, and Mac 10. During this time, D. Mezures also executive produced Tino Brown’s debut album, Who Is Tino Brown? for Black Ark Entertainment.

Eventually frustrated with the music industry’s cronyism and the lack of monetary success, D. Mezures moved on to the world of independent music. It was during this time that his first mixtape, King Midas Presents “I Got Next Vol. 1” was released. His first single, “Liquor” featuring Elite Tha Showstoppa was a local hit in Athens, GA. The video received the city’s coveted Flagpole Award for “Vide of the Year” in 2005. 

Marriage and fatherhood soon tempered Drastik’s music interests, and the sounds of gospel that had influenced him so greatly as a child began to seek and call out to him as a man. Deeply bothered by the images and messages promoted in popular media, Drastik Mezures made a conscious decision to produce and distribute content with a spiritual message. “My primary mission is to influence positive change within popular culture through musical messages of hope, peace, and God's purpose. We strive to continuously improve upon a timeless product that promotes God's message of empowerment to all people regardless of age, race, color or creed.”

On a mission to create a new sound alternative, D. Mezures recorded and executive produced Rashod Brown’s debut release, The Gift & The Calling— an album that critics called “a refreshing and much needed sonic experience.” Mezures also started Today’s Youth, a non-profit organization serving at-risk youth in the city of Houston. He soon changed roles from record producer to recording artist and began recording and performing under the stage name, Drastik Mezures.

With a mind toward heeding a much higher calling, Drastik Mezures continues to combine the sounds of contemporary inspirations like Kirk Franklin and Kanye West to create music that has a strong and far-reaching effect. Mezures has signed a new distribution and marketing deal with Houston-based indie label Jericho 13 Music Group, and is currently working on a new, self-titled album scheduled for release in early 2015. Drastik Mezures currently resides in Houston, TX with his wife and two young sons.


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